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Target.com Complaint

Target.com Complaint



I returned merchandise in Oct and @ that time I requested cash return. Check had not cleared. Requested a check to be mailed. Replied that was not possible.I was given a Gift Card w/the promise of cash. Explained I lived on an island (45 min trip and an hour ride to the store ($100 per trip) and could not return to the store for a month.
Upon the return trip to the store it took 2hrs/20minutes to receive the money.Three times in line. Left store and had to call the 800#. Back in the store and in line again. Computers down. Wait another 20 minutes. I never had the desire or the time to shop and all this took up three people at the store and two on the phone. Why. Why is this. Why do you treat your customers this way.This was an exhaustive experience and one I promised myself never to go thru again.
My day was ruined. I left in tears over this frustration. This was the worst experience I have ever had. I planned on shopping for Christmas before Black Friday(the Wednesday before) I just didn't buying anything. Dorothy Gundersen

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Shirleyholloway says: (4 years ago)
I went to Target in Augusta Ga. For the first time after having a stroke 2.5 years ago , and was shocked there were no handicapped carts. I walked the entire store and by the time my shopping was over, I had a sore and painful r foot. Never again will I shop at Target until handicapped carts are received.

tmartinez says: (4 years ago)
We visit our local Target store (our zip code is 90807) once a week and we would like to purchase Activate Water at this location. Would you please look into bringing this product to one of our favorite stores? We would appreciate it.
Thank you,
Terri Martinez
Long Beach, CA 90807

bopbop says: (4 years ago)
Target off Bryant Irving in Fort Worth Tx. What a nice experience tonite. Very well run Black Friday. Lots of employees to help out. Tonite was almost better than anyever "everyday" shopping trip. Way to go Target. I can't believe how well organized this store sale went. Thank you.

rinsam says: (5 years ago)
On December 31st,2012 I went your store Clarkstown /w.Nyack and picked up a UP cold relief Remedy (up 24 Ct Cold NDC11673-503-08)and reached the register for ringing and payment ! but the sales associate/cashier insisted to produce state ID for buying a over the counter medication ! I gave them my date of birth and the associate could not enter it /feed it there in your register ! what kind of system is there? no other stores makes such unnecessary demands/control ! The sales associate know me ,as I am a regular customer there in your store,and where I am working and my age etc! Do all over the counter medication sale require ID of person buying it? Then better ,make the Sign Board publically in your over the counter medications shelves ,rather than creating inconveniances and delays in your cash registers
Demanding ID of a customer for buying merchandise /over the counter medications to an adult person are not a requirement as per the Law!I do not like your system of demanding ID for business of this nature!

human says: (5 years ago)
In Appleton, WI store at ~11 am. Wanted to purchase name brand vac on sale. Vehicle was parked on other side of mall. Did not want to drag boxed vac throughout mall. Walked through mall and relocated vehicle...after looking for a parking space for 20+ minutes. When returned to purchase vac, price sign had changed. Inquired with associate in aisle. Associate said had to pay increased price. Irritated, purchased vac at register while grumbling. Stacy at the register adjusted the price to the sale price and restored my faith in Target customer service. My daughter then made a purchase. The customer ahead of her forgot part of her purchase. Stacy encouraged my daughter to run and return the purchase to the yet unaware customer. Stacy's integrity turned unpleasant experiences into a positive shopping experience.

rudeen4 says: (5 years ago)
On November 10, 2012, my heart was warmed and very grateful to see signs for a MERRY CHRISTMAS decorating the store in Lee's Summit, MO. On Veterans Day (today), I am reminded of the sacrifice of our American military to fight for our freedoms, to retain the moral compass we were founded on, and to unashamedly honor the traditions and values of our country that have made our nation so great. THANK YOU, TARGET, for standing strong in upholding our true, original American culture during this CHRISTMAS season! You have my patronage!

lhoel says: (6 years ago)
I am a loyal Target customer-I enjoy the variety offered and have enjoyed the addition of the grocery section however in an effort to become more efficient in the rain check process life has become much more complicated. Diet coke on sale 6/16.9 oz on sale thru 7/7-none on shelf-3 Target people including the customer service person said it was not on sale-I finally had to bring the shelf sign up to the front -then I had to wait 45 minutes for staff to check stock..none available. I wanted a rain check customer service did not know how to issue a raincheck-it was a mess-difficult to compete with Walmart at this rate. this all occurred on 7/7/2012 at Northgate store in Seattle Wa. It was not a good experience. thanks for listening.

gerberam73 says: (6 years ago)
I went shopping at the Target at El,cajon on Brodway. And I had a very bad experience for the first time.I want to tell you what happened; there were 2 registers open and both of them had a long line,but then I saw that the express lane was open too.So I went there and there was a worker there she had long red hair; I couldn't really see her name tag but I saw Sidie or Sidney I don't really know I couldn't read her name tag.She said that the express lane is closed so I went back to the longer lane , after 5 second she reopened the express lane , and she just looked over me like I was'not there and called the man behind me to go to the express lain first , so I said this is wasn't really nice of you , because you knew I was coming next so she said with a adittude Sorry , but she did not meant it really ! So I checked out and when I was leaving , my 12 year old son was fallowing behind me , and he heard and so that she waved and said bye B....ch !! I never had bad experience before with Target , but tonight was the one !
I work in a costumer service to ,and if I treated my costumers this way I would have no job !!!!

Stacyxxx says: (6 years ago)
I recently purchased a Keurig coffee maker from target it cost almost 200$ when I brought it home it was used. This is not the first time that I have bought something that costs more than 100$ from target and opened it up and it was used. The first one was a leap frog handheld game for my daughter for Christmas. At the time she was in the hospital with cancer and it was a big disappointment for her to open. It is really annoying to buy something then have to go all the way back to the store and return it. You should really check your products better before putting them back on the shelf.

FPFrainAguirre says: (6 years ago)
I'm writing to say that I left your store in Edgewater, Colorado because I could not find an item that I wanted, that was made in the USA! I shall continue looking for made in the USA so that we can increase better paid jobs in this country.

labrat says: (7 years ago)
I have been shopping at the store in Glen Burnie, Maryland off of Crain Hwy since i moved here from Deleware 3 yrs ago. The employees have been somewhat rude from time to time but i ignored it due to from my experience everyone has bad days. A few months back I filled out a comment card because I went to the restraunt area and I had to wait for 7 minutes ringing the bell because the young man was busy talking to a girl at starbucks. After I ordered I didnt get my food for 15 more minutes because he went back over to talk to her again. It was cold when I finally got it and there was hair in it. Are you not supposed to wear a hairnet or hat when cooking foods? I asked to speak to a manager but I had to wait around longer and I finally gave up because they never came up to talk to me. I filled out a comment card and left it at the customer service desk and I had requested to be contacted by someone in charge. Noone ever responded to it. 2 days ago another instance occured. My daughter and I were in the school supplies area looking for some supplies she needed for school. As we walked by one of the aisles there were 2 ladies on one of the aisles working. 1 was young the other on the ladder an older lady. The older lady turns away from where I was at and blurted out "What The FU@K Are You Looking At?!". I have avoided introducing my daughter to bad words but now I'm trying to get her to stop saying the Fu@k word. Her teacher has called me asking me why she keeps using it. My husband is very upset and wants to get a lawyer because we know from past experience that target does not resolve issues they just ignore them. I asked a gentleman that was very polite a few aisles down if he knew who she was and he said he was new but he thought her name was Mary or Maria. I will not be shopping at a Target store ever again.

jimsmom says: (7 years ago)
I find it a big problem when I purchase very small items, like lipstick, brow pencils etc, these things fall though the opening in your baskets. It would be very helpul if you attached a small basket without openings for items like these.

usagi1 says: (7 years ago)
have been purchasing "moisturizing lotion"-30% more-barcode
#71661 82271-& while the"bargain" is nice the tube to deliver
the 3o% more is 30% too short & so one cant get at it without
banging on the open bottle or storing it upsidedown -nice
product but tantalizingly unreachable


dwcherry says: (7 years ago)
Received a Braun electic shaver for Xmas as a gift and wanted to exchange it for another Braun electirc shaver "with a sideburn trimmer"
Did not have availability in either local stores and would not give me store credit or exchange for a Remington of lesser value and give store credit for the remainder of $ left over. Target's exchange policies are onerous, so much in fact I most likely will never buy from them again. D. Cherry

mk1025 says: (8 years ago)

Dear Target President/Vice President,

My name is Marsha King and I have been a loyal Target customer for more than 20 years. I went to your target store located in Victorville, California on Palmdale Road about 9:00 p.m. I purchased a dress on 6/14/2010 (two days ago) for $24.99, and noticed that it was now (on clearance) half price. A young lady at your Main Street store in Hesperia said that she would have no problem making the adjustment but they no longer had the dress in the store. She suggested that I go over to the Target store on Palmdale to Road to have them do it. When I arrived at your Target on Palmdale Road, I was being helped by Kayla. I explained the situation to her and what came next was one of the most humiliating and embarassing experiences of my life. Kayla would not allow me to speak she immediately became extremely rude, raising her voice at me and pointing to your store policy which was on the wall behind her and shouting to me "our store policy says that we do not adjust items down to clearance." She shouted this over and over again to me as she rudely cut me off in front of customers in the store that had now began to crowd around us. Her arms were up in the air and she made a complete spectacle of the entire situation that really started of pretty docile. My husband and I were so embarassed that we asked for store credit and left the store. When I got to my car I decided to go back to the store to repurchase the dress and speak to a manager about the way that I had been treated. I walked in the store and immediately asked another employee to call a manager over for me. Kayla was still the one to help. I asked to repurchase the dress and she was very nasty to me, asking me "where is your receipt, I will not void the transaction without your receipt." At this point I have no idea why I would need my receipt because she gave me store credit for the purchase. When the manager got to the customer service area, I began to tell her what happened and to my surprise she could care less. She would not acknowlegde the fact that her employee was extremely rude and nasty to me. She kept moving past it saying "so your main concern is repurchasing the dress right?" I kept saying to her that my main concern before anything else is that I was verbally attacked by her employee. The employee was standing their the entire time that I spoke to the manager and the manager did absolutely nothing she didn't apologize to me for her employee or for the horrible experience that I was subjected to, and when I got home, I noticed that the manager did not put my receipt in the bag (so I have no receipt). The manager did that on purpose she was not very happy when I asked her for your corporate information. I am extremely hurt and upset. It is 11:15 a.m. and at this hour I am up writing this complaint to Target. I expect an apology from the store manager, written or otherwise. I also would like to address the store policy where different target locations; within miles of each other, have different prices. I sometimes drive to as many as 4 Target stores just to get a fair price when something is on sale or clearance. It is also on clearance on line but I have to pay shipping cost in order to purchase it instead of driving to my local target store. I purchased the dress two days ago for $24.99 and saw the same exact dress for $12.58 and Target refused to give me the clearance price and store credit. That is a policy that should be and must be changed. It makes no sense. Three stores within a 25 mile radius had the dress on clearance but not in my size. The store that did have my size, did not have the item on sale....that's insane.

Please contact me at (909) 241-8116 to further discuss this matter.

Thank You

Marsha King
15018 Flamenco Pl
Victorville, Ca. 92394

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