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  • Embark Double High Queen Air Mattress

    I recently purchased a Double high queen air mattress a few months ago and the Mattress wont hold air anymore, This has been only my second time using it so Im extremely disappointed in this product having read such great reviews before purchasing. It has come to light that I will be needing an air mattress within the next week, I do not have the box it came in unfortunately but I have the bag and everything it came with. Im not really sure what I should do at this point if you could send me a new one that would be Phenomenal. Thank you, Bryanne Potoski More...
    Bxpotoski's Picture   Bxpotoski    0 Comments   Comments
  • multipack tampons

    I just have to get this out- I purchased a multipack of target brand tampons; so- light, med and super flow all in one box. I happened to notice the wrappers are all color coded. or at least colorful as the color they are makes no sense or correlation to what is inside. Am I alone in the idea that the color on the outside should give a hint to what this thing will do? the colors are something like. green, yellow, purple, maybe they are supposed to be happy colors? but when im rummaging around in a box under the sink at 5 am I think it might be more helpful if the color on the wrapper... More...
  • Coupon Issue

    On January 7, 2015 I was shopping at the St. John, IN Target store. I am in that store at least 3 times a week and have always loved the service, quality and friendliness. Today, however, I encountered a problem over a measly $1 coupon for fresh fruit. The coupon states $1 off a fresh fruit purchase of $5 or more. I purchased a fresh fruit tray for $9.99 and the cashier told me the coupon could not be used. When I asked her why, she replied it was for only oranges and apples. The line behind me was getting long and I didn't want to hold anyone up over this, so I just finished my... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    mrsp2206's Picture   mrsp2206    0 Comments   Comments
  • Archer Farms Rosemary Potatoes

    Hello, I saw the single serving Rosemary Potatoes in the frozen section of the downtown Minneapolis store and I thought: What a good idea. I was eager to try. I still think it's a good idea BUT there was too much Rosemary in the potatoes. The potatoes were cooked well, the garlic, olive oil and salt were just right, it was only the rosemary. I eat rosemary potatoes quite a bit and make them frequently. You can't be too heavy handed with that spice. Anyway, I can't buy that product again until your Archer Farms gets the ratio of rosemary to potato right. Sincerely,... More...
    pjackson1b's Picture   pjackson1b    1 Comments   Comments
  • Scoopable multi cat litter

    When your litter was fits on the shelve it was a good price, and a good product: it did want it sit should do. the product has changed. It is VERY dusty, it does NOT take care of the odor and the price is way to expensive for this qalityof product. I am actually going to throw out the 1/2 box of litter away because it is NOT doing a good job. My nice bathroom, where the box is located, is covered in dust from pouring and from my two cats digging in it. More...
    perinoang's Picture   perinoang    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target on State Street, Chicago

    Target has opened a beautiful new store on State Street in Chicago's Loop. It is literally adjacent to the building we live in. While we are thrilled to have such a wonderful new addition to our neighborhood, we were greatly disappointed by the very limited selection of organic foods. This is a downtown store! Your market demands organic produce - vegetables, fruits, berries. It may be too much to ask for wild caught fish and grass fed beef (which you should carry as well) but it is not too much to expect that you carry organic produce. For every non-organic item (strawberries,... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    JamilKhoury1's Picture   JamilKhoury1    0 Comments   Comments
  • scented baby soap

    We've used the store brand of baby wash (not shampoo) for a few years and recently the I notice my skin (arms, legs and back) breaking out. Not a rash, just red bumps and zits. I see that the new bottle has a label that includes "new and improved scent". I had noticed the scent but wasn't concerned till my skin had a reaction. The reason we use the baby soap is mainly for the lack scent and residue. I've had to stop using it. Will an unscented version be available in the stores or will we have to find it somewhere else? More...
    dsouza54's Picture   dsouza54    0 Comments   Comments
  • Cribs

    While at Target in Chico, Ca. I was looking at the cribs on display - knowing they're going through a full renovation, I understand that some of the products will not be in stock - my issue is that all of the crib displays are up and there is no product and none of that product is coming in. The sales associate was helpful but after she spoke with the manager, he stated the displays are up just for looks. That is what pissed me off - why keep them up! and why didn't the manager come and speak to me instead of the sales assistant. So I am still in need of a crib and most likely no... More...
    carofstr's Picture   carofstr    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target Brand diapers

    Hi I'm writing about the Target brand diapers I have been purchasing this brand of diapers for about a year plus and in the past few months they are made in poor quality. Either the stick tab is missing or it the velcro part is missing or the tabs come right off. I have thrown several diapers away just because they are not usable at all. I have tried different Targets but the same problem every time. I know it saves money but I might as well buy the brand name because I'm.spending more money on diapers that I can't use at all. I may buy a big box and probably 6 of the diapers... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    akumi's Picture   akumi    0 Comments   Comments
  • quality of facial tissue

    Having allergies, I use a lot of tissues. I had been quite happy with those from Target, but of late the boxes contain a lot of loose material. Some of it is small particles which fly in the air like dust and do nothing positive for my allergies. I have taken to cutting the top slit larger, which helps a little. But now I'm finding large chunks, some an inch or so in diameter, adhering to the tissues. I feel the quality of this product has lessened. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    3april6's Picture   3april6    0 Comments   Comments
  • Target inconsideration carts

    I am a handicaped person and have had two bad experiences with target. I don't shop there very much because i have had to climb in between the registars to get a cart. I have had a choice of two times picking a cart that died on me in the back of the store. It's hard to find someone to help me because they are busy. The first time two young men brought a cart to me and took the dead cart away for me. I try to make it up to the front. I was in the 26th and got to the back of the store, not paying attention to my cart and started slowing down. I looked and once again the light was... More...
    njenkins007's Picture   njenkins007    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer service

    I shopped at the Redlands, CA Target 8/16 at 4 pm The solicitor (& they are not encouraged to be there, should not be there) was collecting homeless $$ and I wasn't jazzed about that. He heckled me on the in and out of the door times. The Garden area has been GONE nearly a year! The ANTI union video is mandatory for new hires. These are 3 disappointing things about TARGET. Yet, I do shop there. NEVER at Wallmart who is very anti union and anti public education. Thanks. More...
    elephanttiger's Picture   elephanttiger    1 Comments   Comments
  • Target Store Layout

    Whoever designed the parking lot and entrance to the Target store in Gulf Shores, AL should get an award for the Worst Architectural Design on the Gulf Coast. Hundreds of square feet are wasted in the wide area for pedestrian crossing, too many handicap spaces and the seldom used driveway in the middle. (I'm in my late 70's, don't yet need a handicap plate but the walk to the store seems endless) The entrance to the store appears unfriendly and the inventory is very skimpy. For example, look at the display cases in jewelry. About half full. Most recently, I was looking for an... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
  • prescription drug not available through your supplier

    I take an arthritis drug called trillisate. I have been getting it from you for years. This week the pharmacist Aaron Lanning told me it was no longer available from your supplier. He told me to try another pharmacy, which I did and Walgreen's pharmacist called all over the state and got me some. I don't want to have to go to 2 pharmacies to get my prescriptions. Therefore I will probably transfer all of my 4 other prescriptions to Walgreens which by the way is closer to where I live. Aaron has given me excellent service in communicating with my doctor's office, so I... More...
    (Medical, Dental Services)
    nurse1's Picture   nurse1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Shopping

    We have been shopping the Vestal NY Target since it's opening. We usually enter the store every Saturday morning between 8 - 8:30 am. As of late, the rest rooms are being cleaned when we get there. Now, I'm glad that they're being cleaned, but isn't that something that should be done PRIOR to opening? Alot of times, there are so many carts lined up on that side of the entrance that you have to go through Guest Services to get to the rest rooms. Today, we were there for a half hour. During that whole time, the ladies room was not available. This would not have... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    whwk0128's Picture   whwk0128    0 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    (I hope that I am at the correct site, the Guest comment Card listed this address as a comment contact.)I love Target, I shop there often, and I am a nice person (especially b/c I used to work retail myself)! However, the Target in Mary Esther, FL has a worker in the Ladies' Department who has been rude a few times. The last time drew the line, she rolled her eyes at me! I wish to complain for no other reason than to let her know that more is expected from her. (If a Target representative wishes to contact me I can provide more specifics.) Thank you. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    kevinyvonne's Picture   kevinyvonne    0 Comments   Comments
  • rainchecks

    To whom it may concern; I was was shoppimg at the Anaheim hills location, and I ran across a sale on diet DR Pepper; however the shelf was bare of the item I needed. I spoke with at with 3 sales representives. All who quite polite, but unable to help me with my problem. I understood the policy of no rainchecks, but feel the policy is unfair to the consumers. There was no written policy statement anywhere around the products I wanted to purchase that referred to a limited to stock on hand or no rainchecks available. I'm am responsible for 3 children and when a sale comes along for the... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    SteveR's Picture   SteveR    0 Comments   Comments

    My wife went to pick up her perscription during posted pharmacy hours but was told the pharmacist was on lunch break therefore she could not pick up her meds. I went back an hour later later, and did pick it up-- BUT the pharmacist did not ask if I had any questions. The reason my wife could not pick it up was that no one could ask "DO YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS". When I asked why I wasn't asked the reply was she could call if she had any questions. When asked why there isn't some one on duty during posted hours I was told that it was against company policy to have more... More...
    (Online Shopping - Sponsored by AMAZON.COM)
    ARGARG's Picture   ARGARG    3 Comments   Comments


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